maxresorb® inject - innovative synthetic injectable bone paste

maxresorb® inject

Synthetic injectable bone paste
maxresorb® inject is a unique and highly innovative, injectable bone graft paste, with excellent resorption properties. It is composed of active hydroxyapatite and granules, e.g., 60% HA and 40% β-TCP. While maxresorb® promotes the fast formation of new vital bone and maintains the mechanical graft stability, maxresorb® inject is gradually replaced by mature new bone.
  • Sinus lift
  • Intraosseous defects
  • Extraction sockets
  • Osseous defects
  • Furcation defects

Membrane coverage

maxresorb® inject must always be covered with a membrane in order to stabilize the material.

Material stability

maxresorb® inject is not the material of choice for larger augmentations due to insufficient stability. The nano-HA component, composing about 80% of the material, is resorbed within ~3-4 months. The material is non-hardening i.e. does not harden upon application.

Material application

maxresorb® inject can be injected directly into the defect through the syringe. It is also possible to form it before application onto the defect, or to insert it by the help of a spatula.

Mixing of material

The paste is ready to use, but it can also be mixed with blood, autologous bone or bone substitute materials.

Storage temperature

Please make sure that maxresorb® inject is stored at the recommended storage temperature (5-30°C). The paste is mainly composed of a hydrous nano-HA gel. Elevated temperatures will cause water evaporation, resulting in drying of the paste. Likewise, freezing of the water component may result in changes of the material properties that cannot be reversed.

Internal sinus lift with maxresorb® inject - case Dr. Frank Kistler

<p>Endodontically treated tooth 26 with apical cyst formation</p>

Internal Sinus lift - Dr. Frank Kistler

Endodontically treated tooth 26 with apical cyst formation

Immediate implantation with maxresorb® inject - Dr. D. Jelušić

Preoperative Ortopantomogram of the teeth planned for extraction

Synthetic approach for Socket Preservation with maxresorb® inject and permamem®  - Dr. E. Mota

Initial panoramic x-ray with failing tooth 16

  • Injectable and easy handling
  • Non-hardening bone graft paste
  • Synthetic, resorbable, and safe
  • Viscous and moldable
  • Active hydroxyapatite gel
  • 60% HA / 40% β-TCP granules
  • Osteoconductive
  • Ultra-high interconnected porosity





1x syringe

1x0.5 cc (ml)


1x syringe

1x1.0 cc (ml)


1x syringe

1x2.5 cc (ml)

Sinus lift one-stage with maxresorb® inject
Sinus lift one-stage with maxresorb® inject
maxresorb® inject - innovative synthetic injectable bone paste
maxresorb® inject - innovative synthetic injectable bone paste

The highly viscous maxresorb® inject paste allows the perfect shaping, molding, fitting, and complete bone bonding to the surrounding bone surface of the defect. maxresorb® inject is a non-hardening synthetic bone paste.


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