Resective periodontal surgery

  • The base of the suprabony pocket is coronal to the alveolar bone crest.
Suprabony pockets present with bone loss in a horizontal (uniform) direction where the base of the pocket is coronal to the bone crest. Although regenerative therapies of suprabony defects have been reported with a positive outcome [1], the regenerative capacity of such kind of lesions is typically less compared to those of deep intrabony defects. Suprabony pockets are commonly approached by open flap debridement or by resective procedures. Primary goals of a resective periodontal therapy are the reduction or elimination of periodontal pockets and the reconstitution of a positive bone architecture that were altered by inflam-matory processes. Osteoplasty (shaping of the alveolar bone) and ostectomy (resection of teeth-supporting bone) are two well-described techniques.

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[1] Di Tullio et al. J Periodontol August 2013, Vol. 84, No. 8, Pages 1100-1110