About the indication matrix

The indication matrix supports you in choosing and creating the most suitable treatment concept for your patient’s bone defect through an intelligent querying.

Quick selection

On the starting page all available product and concept tiles are displayed and can be opened directly. The contents are linked to clinical cases, videos, handling tips and recommendations by leading experts.

The right regeneration concept

For recommendations on specific clinical situations, the intelligent querying in the navigation bar on the left hand side is available. There you can choose and specify interesting indications. According to your selection, displayed concepts and products are filtered.

In individual indications it is possible that more than one treatment concept can be applied. In these situations more than one treatment recommendation is displayed after doing the final specification in the navigation bar. By clicking on one of these concepts further information can be retrieved.


The complete content of this database is interlinked.

- By this you obtain clinical cases, handling tips and recommendation by leading experts for chosen treatment concepts

- Likewise, the shown products provide further information on indications and clinical application


Our recommendations of concepts and products are based on the Cologne Defect Classification (Cologne Classification of Alveolar Ridge Defects, CCARD), discussion with clinical experts as well as scientific data and clinical experience with our products.

Please note, that the recommendations are focused on concepts involving the application of biomaterials. The indication matrix should support you in finding and creating your own treatment concept and finding the products of our portfolio offering you the most predictable results in a certain situation. Nevertheless, the treatment plan always depends on many factors, above all the individual experience of the surgeon, the health status and regenerative potential of the patient and it’s compliance with the treatment plan. All product and concept recommendations on this website are non-binding guideline values.

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