Jason® fleece - effective, resorbable soft tissue sponge

Jason® fleece

Resorbable collagen sponge
Jason® fleece is a pH-neutral, wet-stable fleece made of native collagen with a highly efficient hemostatic effect. The well-known effect of collagen is induced by the adhesion of platelets to the collagen fibrils.
  • Minor oral wounds
  • Closure of grafted sites
  • Protection of Schneiderian Membrane
  • Extraction sites
  • Mucosal flaps
  • Biopsy sites


The Jason® fleece can be cut to the required size with a pair of scissors before application onto the wound or insertion into the wound. Should greater amounts of fleece be required for haemostasis, the excess material must be removed before the wound is closed. Over-packing the wound with collagen should be avoided.


Fixation of the Jason® fleece by sutures or pins is not possible, but also not needed. After shaping, the fleece is carefully pressed onto the wound site with a clamp or a pair of tweezers until the fibrin ensures adhesion of the fleece to the wound site. An indirect fixation by cross- or holding sutures could help to keep the fleece in place when applied in extraction sockets or soft tissue harvesting sites.


In case of a dehiscence the wound heals without complications by granulation tissue formation and free contraction. Application of a Jason® fleece on top of a barrier membrane is recommended in unstable soft tissue situations, or for protection of the wound healing area if a wound dehiscence is expected to occur (soaked with antibiotics, where applicable).


Generally, the Jason® fleece is applied dry, because soaking or moistening the fleece prior to implantation may impair its haemostatic properties. The Jason® fleece soaks up blood rapidly at the defect site. Pre-hydration of Jason® G may result in prematurely eluting the water soluble gentamicin sulphate.

  • Highly effective hemostypt
  • Fast resorption by enzymatic degradation
  • Easy application
  • Maintains integrity in the presence of blood and during application
  • Wound protection and support of wound healing
Sinus lift one-stage with maxresorb® inject
Sinus lift one-stage with maxresorb® inject
Jason® fleece - highly effective, resorbable soft tissue sponge
Jason® fleece - highly effective, resorbable soft tissue sponge

After adhesion to the collagen fibrils, platelets aggregate and release coagulation factors by degranulation. This initiates the coagulation cascade that leads to hemostasis. Jason® fleece promotes the formation and stabilization of the blood coagulum and can be applied for wound protection and to support wound healing (i.e. biopsy harvesting sites, coverage of augmentation sites). Jason® fleece is completely resorbed by the body’s own processes within two to four weeks. Jason® fleece is also available preloaded with Gentamycin (Jason® G).

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