collacone® max

collacone® max

Calcium phosphate collagen cone
collacone® max is a biomimetic composite material that resembles the native bone in its basic biphasic composition of collagen and hydroxyapatite. While the collagenous phase provides biological signals that promote the wound healing within the socket, the mineral hydroxyapatite phase ensures primary stability and complete resorption at a controlled, slow resorption rate.
  • Socket preservation
  • Periodontal defects
  • Defects after root resection and cystectomy


To ensure integration of the material, it is recommended to wait about 6 months before re-entry.


It is recommended to cover the collacone® max, i.g. with a mucoderm® matrix, to prevent migration of granules.

  • form-fitted cone shape for easy application
  • Adapts to the defect contours
  • Maintains space and avoids soft tissue collapse
  • Reduce the need for subsequent augmentative procedures
  • Improves the aesthetic outcome of the final prosthesis
  • Complete resorption at controlled rate

Art. -No.




H: ~ 16 mm, Top Ø: ~ 11 mm, Bottom Ø: ~ 7 mm

1 cone

collacone® max cone for socket preservation
The collacone® max acts both as a collagen wound dressing and a scaffold for bone regeneration

collacone® max is designed to fit perfectly into the void of the extraction socket and does not require rehydration before application. collacone® max may be applied both as a protective medium and temporary void filler in the extraction socket when performing an early implantation, or as a regenerative material that assists new bone formation in the case of delayed implantation.

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