Horizontal augmentation with cerabone® & Jason® membrane - Prof. Dr. Dr. D. Rothamel

botiss cerabone® & Jason® membrane for GBR - Clinical case by Prof. Dr. Dr. D. Rothamel

Instable bridge situation with abscess formation at tooth #15 after apicoectomy

botiss cerabone® & Jason® membrane for GBR - Clinical case by Dr. S. Kovalevsky

Implant insertion in atrophic alveolar ridge

Restoration of all four incisors with two maxgraft® bonering - Dr. B Giesenhagen

Initial situation pre-op: Central incisors with mobility 3

Ridge augmentation in the maxilla with maxgraft® bonebuilder in the aesthetic zone - Dr. M. Kristensen

Bone defect in area 11-21 due to two lost implants (periimplantitis) after 15 years of function

Three-dimensional augmentation with maxgraft® cortico - Dr. R. Würdinger

Model of the initial defect computed from a CBCT scan - buccal view

Augmentation with maxgraft® cortico - Dr. K. Chmielewski

Preparation of a single tooth defect with severely resorbed vestibular wall

Immediate implant placement and regeneration of ridge using an allograft bone ring and Jason® membrane - Drs. Miller and Korn

60-year-old female patient presented with a chronic infection on tooth #11.
Since she has a high lip line matching the gingival margins of the adjacent central incisor and creating a root eminence is extremely important. For these reasons, the treatment of choice was an allograft bone ring enabling immediate placement of the dental implant with simultaneous regeneration of her ridge.

GBR with cerabone® and Jason® membrane in the front tooth region - Dr. H. Maghaireh

Initial clinical situation with gum recession and labial bone loss eight weeks following tooth extraction

botiss maxgraft® bonebuilder for atrophic maxilla reconstruction - Clinical case

Pre-operative clinical situation: severe atrophy of the maxillary bone

bone augmentation in the aesthetic zone with maxgraft® bonering -Dr. R. Cutts

Clinical situation: 71-old patient with atrial fibrillation and Warfarin medication

botiss cerabone® & Jason® membrane for horizontal augmentation - Clinical case by Dr. M. Steigmann

Three implants placed in a narrow posterior mandible

botiss cerabone® & Jason® membrane for block augmentation with autologous bone blocks - clinical case by Dr. S. Stavar

Initial clinical situation with single tooth gap in regio 21

botiss cerabone® & Jason® membrane for GBR - clinical case by Dr. S. Stavar

Initial clinical situation with broken bridge abutment in regio 12 and tooth 21 not worth preserving

Advanced vertical augmentation in posterior maxilla with maxgraft® bonering - Dr. A. Isser

Initial situation 57-year old female patient. X-ray scan reveals severe bone loss due to inflammation in region 13. Treatment plan was extraction of teeth 13 and 14 and augmentation after healing.

GBR with Jason membrane® and cerabone® - D. Fontana

Lateral view of the defect in the posterior right maxilla.

botiss maxresorb®, Jason fleece® and collprotect® membrane for sinus lift and simultaneous implantation - case by Dr. F. Kistler

DVT image demonstrating horizontal and vertical amount of bone available

Immediate implantation with maxresorb® inject - Dr. D. Jelušić

Preoperative Ortopantomogram of the teeth planned for extraction

Sinus Floor Elevation with maxgraft® bonering and subcrestal implantation in an eggshell thin sinus - Dr. K. Chmielewski

Initial situation: X-ray scan reveals eggshell thin sinus floor (1-3 mm) on both sites of the maxilla; green areas indicate the planned maxgraft® bonerings and red areas the planned implants