Ridge preservation using permamem® and maxgraft® granules - Dr. A. Wöst

Socket preservation with mucoderm® & maxgraft® - Dr. A. Puisys

Pre-operative situation; tooth 21 proved not to be worth preserving

Full bone regeneration in extraction socket augmented with maxgraft® and Jason® membrane – Dr. C. Landsberg

Initial clinical situation: 9 mm pocket depth associated with root fracture

Implant placement and bone augmentation in the aesthetic zone using maxgraft® and permamem® - Dr. A. Puišys

Implant placed in the deficient site. permamem® in place for covering.

Socket preservation using cerbaone® and permamem® - Dr. A. Caiazzo

Grafting of the extraction socket with small cerabone® granules.

Socket preservation with permamem® - Dr. M. Turco

Situation before tooth extraction.

Socket preservation with permamem® - Dr. R. Rannula

Situation after tooth extraction.