Non-contained intrabony defect treated using cerabone®, collprotect® membrane and Straumann® Emdogain® - Dr. T. Schwaar (1)

botiss maxresorb® and collprotect® membrane for bone splitting - case by Dr J Neugebauer

Surgical presentation of the alveolar ridge with reduced amount of horizontal bone available

Lateral sinus lift with maxresorb® and collprotect® membrane - Dr. Frank Kistler

DVT control after sinusitis surgery, residual bone height 1 mm

Horizontal ridge augmentation with maxgraft® cortico - M.Sc. E. Kapogianni

OPG of the initial situation – provision of missing denture in regio 44 to 47 by a resin-retained bridge

botiss cerabone® & collprotect® membrane for GBR - Clinical case by Dr. V. Kalenchuk

Clinical situation with narrow alveolar ridge in the lower jaw

Block augmentation with maxresorb®, collprotect® membrane & autologous bone blocks - Prof. Dr. Dr. D. Rothamel

Extended horizontal and vertical defect of the maxilla following tumor resection and reconstruction with a scapula graft

Sinus lift one-stage with cerabone® and collprotect® membrane - Dr. V. Kalenchuk

Clinical situation of the edentulous distal maxilla before the surgery

GBR with maxresorb® and collprotect® membrane - Dr. G. Bayer

DVT image showing the reduced amount of bone available in the area of the mental foramen